The show must go on...

Feb 12, 2008 at 8:16 AM

I have been using various versions of Microsoft Basic for over 23 years now, from Microsoft Extended Color Basic on an old 16KB Radio Shack coco, up to the latest VB.NET versions. An interest of mine has been RAD (Rapid application development ) tools, such as Object Relational Mapping tools and Object Control Mapping tools. I have found ODX to be the single most useful RAD tool yet encountered.

Microsoft's existing RAD attempts (being DataSet focused) fail dismally in an Enterprise level Multi-Tier environment where the core focus should be on building Business Layer Classes and not DataSets. This is where I have found ODX to be so powerful becuase the DataSet handling is performed seamlessly in the background, and the developer can get on with the job of building business rules in classes.

There seemed to be a lot of initial activity on this project, with work done almost every day, but I am sad to that the last sourse check in was about 2 months ago. ODX, are you taking a well deserved holiday, or focussing on something else now?

I don't really use the remoting, but use ODX on a server with ASP.NET as the front end with the Middle-Tier Business Layers built into DLL's talking to a SQL 2005 database via ODX.

Please keep up the good work....