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ODX - Open Dataset eXtensions - Is another ORM framework with extremely small footprint and rich feature set. The main goals of the project is to deliver maximum functionality per each byte of core dll, provide flexible offline layer and finally move to mobile platforms.

Development started on August 2007.


ODX Feature Set

  1. Inheritance (both single table & multiple table patterns). Polymorphism.
  2. 1:N, N:N relationships. Integrity Control.
  3. Lazy loading.
  4. Client entity cache.
  5. Offline mode support. Multiple server connection support. Merging data sources. Smart unique constraint conflicts resolution.
  6. Flexible event model.
  7. Save points, Persistent snapshots.
  8. Full .NET Remoting support.
  9. On-the-fly proxy generation.
  10. Automatic database generation and upgrade.
  11. Transactions. Optimistic concurrency (use row versions or full row compare).
  12. XML data source. Concurent access to.
  13. Nearly any SQL DB support. OLEDB, ODBC, etc. Now tested on ORACLE, PostgreSQL, MS Access, MS SQL CE.
  14. Smart data replication algorithm including soft unique constraint handling.
  15. Paging.
  16. Custom sophisticated SQL selects. SQL injection protection.

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